Phillips - Respironics   PERFORMAX  WHOLE FACE Mask

Phillips - Respironics PERFORMAX WHOLE FACE Mask

AU $285.00 AU $225.00

Phillips - Respironics 



Who Does the PerforMAX Work Best For?

  • Customers with facial hair
  • Users with Dentures
  • General facial irregularities
  • nasal bridge breakdown
  • Claustrophobia, This is a big one. 
  • A lot of patients with moderate to severe claustrophobia find that the PerforMAX makes them feel in control.
    The PerforMAX covers your entire face and the seal is around the edge.  This somehow seems to make claustrophobic patients feel at ease.
    This is just an observation and not guaranteed to be that way for every customer.
  • Spare Headgear is available for only +$30 with this purchase.

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