Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal Mask

Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal Mask

AU $129.00 AU $119.00

Phillips - Respironics 

Comfort Classic  

Nasal Mask complete with headgear

size:  small

The Comfort Series of masks is renowned for delivering a more comfortable fit to CPAP

and BiPAP patients and the ComfortClassic continues the trend.

  • The ComfortClassic has a dual-thickness silicone cushion and an air-filled membrane to create a tight seal

    while a dual-position gel spacer molds to the wearers forehead for even greater stability.

    The ComfortClassics headgear attachment points are positioned below the ear making them more secure.

    Seal, stability and security all make the ComfortClassic tops for comfort and fit.

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