Resmed Filters

Replace : Every month or when discoloured eg: light grey

Based on Resmed filters

Standard Filter : 88% Effective against larger particles eg: Hair, smoke, pollen, dust, easier on the motor.

Hypoallergenic Filter :  99.54% effective against  dust, pollen, virus, bacteria, harder on the motor.

                                            You can save big, if you buy in quantities.

Hypoallergenic Filters for ResMed S9 and Airsense S10
AU $2.60
Disposable Hypoallergenic Filter for allResmed S9 and Resmed AirSense S10Made in USA Hygienical..
Replacement Filters for - ResMed S7 - S8 - CPAP ultra fine filter
AU $5.30
Disposable Ultrafine Filter for allResmed S7 and S8 modelsMade in USA Hygienically sealed ..
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